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Chemical Weed Killers

Weed and Feed (banned)

Supplied in either granule or liquid form, this type of herbicide attacks broadleaf weeds. Be careful not to use it on areas where your desirable plants are, as they will most likely be affected too. The main benefit of this type of weed-killer is that you are fertilising your lawn at the same time.

Weed Out or Weed-B-Gone

This selective weed-killer attacks only broadleaf plants, so using it on your lawn will not harm the grass, but it will kill most weeds. The herbicide is non-residual, which means it will kill any weeds it touches, but deactivates when it hits the soil. This means you don't usually need to worry about it soaking into the ground and affecting downhill crop. As with most weed-killers, it will take about three weeks to completely kill most weeds. Be aware that it will kill any non-grass plants, not just the weeds, so be careful where you apply it.

Chickweed, Clover and Thistle Killer

Some weeds are especially difficult to kill. This product is designed to attack a more selective number of weeds, including White Clover, Chickweed, Buttercup, Cornspurry, Plantain, Canada Thistle and Stitchwort. Again, it is selective and non-residual (stops working when it hits soil).


Wipe-Out is most noted for it's fast-acting effects. While most herbicides kill within three weeks, Wipe-Out does so within seven days. Wipe-Out is non-selective, however, and will attack anything which is green and growing. It is also non-residual, deactivating on contact with soil. Wipe-Out is an excellent product, but but sometimes works too fast to kill particularly deep-rooted weeds (Quack Grass is a good example).

Soil Sterilant (banned)

Soil sterilants are non-selective herbicides which kill anything green and growing, and will not let anything new grow for up to ten years. Due to the environmental dangers of these products, no Albertan Garden Center can supply Soil Sterilants (unless they have stock remaining from before the law was introduced). If you get hold of some, be careful how you use it, and consider any possible run-off into your neighbour's garden, or to nearby trees.

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