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  1. Prepare the pot in which you will be growing your cutting. You should use a good quality soil, such as Mica Starter Mix or a good quality All Purpose Potting Mix.
  2. Water the soil first, and push a hole into the soil where you will be planting your cutting (about 1" deep).
  3. When taking cuttings, make sure you get a reasonable sized piece of plant. It should measure around five to seven centimeters (2-3") plus the length of any attached leaf. Strip the bottom inch of leaves and branches from the stalk, as only the bare stalk should remain under the soil's surface.
  4. Dip the cutting into a rooting hormone and plant it immediately into your growing pot.
  5. Mist, rather than water, the cutting for the first week or so. After two weeks, when roots ae showing you can lightly  fertilise with 10-52-10 Plant Starter which will encourage the roots to grow.
  6. When the cutting is well established, transplant it into your garden or planter (using your Root Booster again), and continue fertilising with your regular plant food (e.g. 20-20-20).

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