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The tips given here are very general, and you should always consider the particular seed type that you are using. Some seeds germinate in light, some require covering. Some at 21ºc, some at 16ºc. That said, the following are good rules of thumb:

  • Don't use old soil, this can contain disease and insects which the seeds are not ready to cope with. Use Seed Starter Mix, or good quality All-Purpose Potting Soil.
  • Keep the soil continuously moist using a misting sprayer.
  • When leaves show, you can lower the temperature slightly, and allow more light to the seedling.
  • You can now water when the soil begins to dry slightly, rather than keeping it moist all the time. Don't worry about slight wilting (consider it 'character building' for the young plant).
  • Begin fertilising with 10-52-10.
  • When the plant is at a transplantable size, relocate to a pot or your garden, using Root Booster. This will encourage the roots to grow in the new soil, and helps prevent transplant shock. Alternatively, you can use 10-52-10 Plant Starter.

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