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1. Dig a Hole

  • The hole should be twice as wide and twice as deep as the pot the tree comes in.

2. Prepare the Hole

  • If you hit clay or soil with poor drainage, put sand in the bottom of the hole.

3. Put the tree in the hole and Add Soil

  • Remove the rootball and soil from the pot and place it into the hole. (Try not to disturb the roots too much.)
  • There will be a gap around the root ball. Mix a few handfuls of Bone Meal with good quality black dirt and use this to fill the gap around the root ball. Gently compact the dirt around the base of the tree, adding soil as required.

4. Water It In

  • Using your Root Booster solution, water the tree in again. We want the roots to be surrounded by the Root Booster’s rooting hormone.

5. Continuing Care

  1. Water only when it is needed, but don’t let it dry out.
  2. Fertilise after the first year, using tree stakes around the drip line or your own preferred feeding method.

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