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Spring flowering plants, such as tulips, daffodils and crocuses are universally recognised as symbols of spring. They bring the first colour to a garden whitewashed by Winter. They are the first signs of life in a Springtime garden. And they must be planted in the Fall.

Why the Fall?

When you buy a bulb in the Fall, it comes equipped with it’s own food supply, tunic, and root base, all ready to go. And waiting.

They wait until they’re put through a sustained cold period,which is when they start to manufacture their buds. When you plant them in the fall, the following Winter temperatures activate the bulb, which will flower when the temperatures rise again come the Spring.

What About Bulbs I Buy in the Spring?

Bulbs used for Springtime sales generally do not need to go through this cool period, and are used for Summer flowering plants. These tend to be less hardy plants, which would not survive the harsh Edmonton Winters, and so must be bought in the Spring, and dug up in the Fall. The exception to this rule is the Lily, of which most varieties are hardy and need not be dug up.

Spring flowering bulbs, which you plant now, are generally hardy bulbs which cope with our weather very well.

What to Plant?

In the fall we have in stock over forty varieties of Fall-planting bulbs for you to choose from. There are traditional red tulips and yellow daffodils, or for the more adventurous we will stock some very beautiful varieties with variegated colouring and different petal shapes. In the Spring we have many varieties of summer-flowering bulbs to choose from, including the always-popular Stargazer lillies.

Come and see them!

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