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Reducing climate change, greenhouse gas emitions and environmental harm is about making small, incremental changes first. There are many ways to easily reduce your impact on our environment.

  • Collect rainwater. Use rain barrels to collect rain from your house's downspouts and use it later to water your plants. We sell a variety of water barrels and kits to connect them to your downspout.
  • Water early in the morning, or late in the evening. This will prevent the majority of your water evaporating before it seeps into the ground. Be sure to water deeply every week or so instead of quick waterings daily.
  • Compost. Creating your own compost from yard and kitchen waste (fruits, vegetables, etc) helps you to save money on buying compost, reduces greenhouse gas emitions produced by landfills and by collecting your garbage.
  • Grasscycle. When you mow your lawn leave the grass clippings there. They reduce evaporation, provide nutrients and fertiliser to your lawn. It also means less garbage to be transported to landfills.
  • Mulch. Adding a layer of mulch to your soil helps to protect against weeds and evaporation. We offer a variety of mulches in store.
  • Xeriscape. A well-planned yard can be almost entirely self-sufficient, reducing the need for watering, feeding and pest control. We have books available that have great examples of xeriscaping.

For other great (and simple) ways to reduce your carbon footprint, visit GlobalCool.org

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