Nature's Source

What is Nature's Source® Fertilizer?
Nature's Source® Fertilizer is a plant food derived from canola and soy beans! It is the oil squeezed out of the seeds. Because of this, it has earned itself a label of “Organic” in the USA. Canada has not yet issued this label, but that is more due to the funding required to gain the label than anything. This brown liquid is a water soluble fertilizer so it is easy to mix in a watering can. 

Why Use it?
Very simple! WE use it! This fertilizer is so easy to use and very safe. The recommended dose is 1 tablespoon per gallon of water. The amazing thing about this nature based plant food is that you don't    have to worry if you think you might have over fertilized as it will not harm your plants! This is due to the natural components. Nature understands nature! With the chemical based fertilizers, if you got the doses wrong you would significantly increase the chance of burning the leaves with toxicity.

Economical – a little goes a long way! You do not need to use this in high doses to grow great looking plants. If you need to “green” up the leaves, then double the dose for 3 consecutive waterings. The economy begins when you only need to have one fertilizer in your life. There is no need for plant starters, summer fertilizers, indoor house plant food or vegetable fertilizers (with the exception of tomatoes as they need more calcium). Nature's Source® can be used for all of your plants no matter what they are! The Root Seller has replaced 5 different fertilizers with this one.

Plant growth – different to fertilizers such as 20-20-20, this plant food promotes slower growth, producing much bushier, sturdier plants. The plant grows in a much more proportionate way creating a very healthy, natural looking plant.

Plant colour – the leaves maintain a luscious green colour when Nature's Source® is used. The natural oils from the canola and soy bean seeds give a beautiful leaf shine. Just using the fertilizer gives this, but you can also mix 1 teaspoon of Nature's Source® in a spray bottle of water and spray the leaves. The plant will absorb some nutrients through the leaves, and the oils will create a shine.

Insect repellant – when sprayed on the leaves, the oily sheen seems to discourage insects. (This is more based on house plants than out door bedding plants.)

Low salt content – The natural base of canola and soy beans means that a very low salt level is created in the root zone of the plant. Chemical based fertilizers like 20-20-20 and 10-52-10 among others, are salt based. When the water evaporates from the soil, it leaves the salts behind which can cause root burn and eventual death of the plant. Of course this is if plants are over fertilized and under watered. With Nature's Source®, it has a very low salt content which really adds safety when it comes to issues of over fertilizing. We still recommend to fertilize a couple of times a week to ensure the plants receive some clean water to keep salts diluted.

Manipulation - using the recommended dose of 1 tablespoon per gallon will benefit almost all spring crops. The beautiful thing about Nature's Source® is that we can play with the dose safely on certain crops. For example, with a wave type petunia, you could add 3 tablespoons of Nature's Source® to 1 gallon of water, tripling the recommended dose. As these plants are such aggressive growers, they will remain luscious green, and actually stay tighter in growth habit, meaning you will have beautiful, full baskets, with very tight leaf configuration, and covered in blooms. With other fertilizers you could run the risk of burning the roots and leaves, or the growth could have a very “stretched” effect.

Fertilizer Schedules
When talking about items such as hanging baskets and containers, and assuming watering 7 days a week, we recommend fertilizing with Nature's Source® every second day on wave petunias, and every 3rd day on most other baskets and containers. For in-ground flower beds, no more than twice a week.

Nature's Source® Fertilizer is good enough for us to use, we DO use it and we recommend you do to.

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